05.20 | Nèi new EP, release on June 2020

    06.19 | Phenix is now on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes etc

  • Works

    Albums. Cinematic music.


    6 soundtracks. 2019



    teaser. 2018



    6 soundtracks. 2018



    8 soundtracks. 2014.



    documentary. 2015



    commercial. 2014



    LiveMovie. 2013

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  • Artistic Vision

    Creative approach

    I am fascinated by the intimate and minimalist qualities in works by artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter, Yan Tiersen, or even Hans Zimmer, whose powerful compositions can be very gentle in their most refined themes. These are my declared spheres of influence. Like a painter obsessed by working in monochrome, I like to work on harmonies, combining sounds in their intensity, imagining their pulses as a very deep heartbeat. My key concepts: minimalism, power, aestheticism, emotion, narration. Even if sometimes the music accompanying image must be illustrative, in my view it acquires relevance when subtly integrated into the narrative experience. For this reason, its identity is essential. This is how I came to the term “musical poem”. For poetry embodies a form of gentleness, an artistic identity and a strong dreamlike quality. In the end, music cannot be narrated... You are welcome to listen to my sounds to find out for yourself.

    Around your pictures

    I believe in the meeting of your artistic worlds and mine. In the fact that worlds are taken to a higher level through contact, that collaboration gives rise to a flow and an understanding of sensibilities conducive to the emergence of ideas and narration. Since the project requires sound illustration rather than a musical identity, the approach of a sound designer is preferred. There is, however, a fine line between this notion of artistic identity and sound illustration, which is a point we can address in our first discussions.

  • Career

    Jeff K-ray is pronounced Jeff Carré. I thought it was fun to invent a musical identity distinct from my personal identity.


    Music came into my life around the age of 7/8 when I discovered the pleasures of music theory. This led me to an instrument, the clarinet. Yes! My village school only had wind instruments. No piano. Disappointment, disappointment! The good news? A training course focusing on film music was set up in the school. It certainly made it easier for me to put up with the tedium of the lessons. And yes, I’m a Ch'ti (a northerner, from Lille) and I am 37 years old.


    So there I was growing up when adolescence hit, as it does, so it was time for emancipation across the board. The clarinet was left to gather dust and I picked up a guitar, leading to my first rock band, Meaningless, from 2002 to 2006, when I was at university. We were amateurs full of passion and got to play on beautiful stages such as the Splendid (Lille) and had several studio sessions, thanks to winning local competitions. That’s where I discovered the rigours of the recording process and the pleasure of composing arrangements at will!


    In 2009 I was working on the MIND project, which leaned towards TripHop while mixing orchestral effects, electro and a pretty voice. Live performances were backed by video projections and visuals made by talented graphic animators. Still in 2009, I founded the Karreo.com ollective, which federated composers and music lovers, both pros and amateurs. The collective was very active from 2009 to 2014 working on about ten projects and producing about thirty soundtracks (short films, documentaries, video games).


    In 2010, after a cinema experience that blew my mind, I started writing a first solo album, INCEPTED, created entirely on a computer. It was due to be released in 2011, but the circulation of the first demos gave rise to the idea of casting singers. In the end, four voices were integrated into the project for a release in February 2014.


    2017 was marked by a new impetus and life events driving new creations, with the desire to further strip down melodies and especially to produce music with a real quartet. This result can be heard in this new opus – WAVES – online since the beginning of 2018 and which you can discover by clicking here.


    2018, new production is in progress PHENIX, one specific project included in a book production www.LHommeQuiBrule.com (The Burning Man)

    Crédits photos www.benoitpoix.fr
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